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Dreams Motorsports is focussed on reducing fatalities due to road accidents in under-developed and developing countries. According to WHO, road accidents account for over 3% of GDP loss in the world. We work with governments to formulate policies, educate people and stakeholders, ensure implementation of safety measures, etc to curtail the number of road accidents and fatalities. Our secondary wing works for promotion of motorsports at an international level where we promote motorsports athletes to achieve their goals and make India proud at international events.


Our aim is to reduce road accidents and fatalities due to road accidents all over the world. We work with governments and private corporations for Road Safety.


Our aim is to promote Indian motorsports athletes at international levels through guidance, training and support. We work with two-wheeler companies and athletes for Motorsports.


Recognized by Govt. of India and official registered level 1 supplier of United Nations and 20+ UN specialized agencies in the world